Thursday, December 26, 2013

Snowflake Sugar Cookies

Well, here I finally am again- after a rather long extended break (again) from blogging.  What can I say?  My life gets pretty hectic around this time of year, and then on December 26th everything seems to almost rush to a stop.  Almost.  At least it seems to calm down.  
Anyway, so amid all the hustle and bustle and last minute baking, I made snowflake sugar cookies.  And they were just so cute, and I was so disappointed that I really didn't have any time to take pictures of them before they were all gone.... so you can only imagine how happy and excited I was when Kathryn, an amazing photographer and a wonderful friend, told me that she was going to take pictures of the cookies I gave her!  And of course I knew that they would turn out amazing and professional looking because it was KATHRYN taking the pictures!!!  (I shall now think of retiring my poor camera that has to endure me and simply give all my food to Kathryn to take pictures of, because she is just a much, much, much more amazing photographer than I am- I've even asked her several times if she could come live it my house, sadly though, she hasn't been convinced yet).
Enough of my talking though... enjoy the pictures!!