Monday, February 11, 2013

A rather super-long-due update. :)

Yeah.... this was supposed to be my cooking blog, where I rant and rave about all things cooking.

Moving on.

So this past week I've spent with my cousins, Mark and Katy Austen, to help out around the house because they just had a new baby, Margaret!!

So here's some pictures from the visit.... I had an a blast, and it was fun being called 'aunt' Grace.  :D

Isn't Margaret simply darling???

COOKIE DOUGH!!!  (this is Ellen Marie, btw)

Grant and his 'bun-bun'


Thinking....  Do I really want Aunt Grace to hold me... cause I know she'll feed me marshmallows and skittles?

Whatcha see?

Nothin much... how about you?

Sleepy baby.  :)

Will!  :D

Because Oreos are fun to take pictures with.  :P

She is just too cute.  :)

Mmmm...... Cookie dough cheesecake! 

She thought the flip-out screen on my camera very funny.  :D

Awwwwww!!!!  Don't you wish you were related to such cute kids??

She's awake!!

Cause even on bad hair days, she's still adorable.  :D

And to finish it off......


  1. Grace, yes, I'm glad I'm related to such cute kids... And I'm glad I'm related to you!! :) <3 (and not jus cuz I like your cooking.. ;)

  2. Aw! How sweet. :) I kinda like being related to you too. :D